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Idylle is strong, three or four sprays is enough and It lasts very well. And this comes really quite close (though not as sparkling and complex). I love how the rose rounds out the other florals without totally dominating (though it's definitely a main player). Idylle keeps a more sharp dry-down, there's no creaminess there. I do realize that i have a love - hate relationship with lilly of the valley. Idylle was a fragrance I didn't expect to like because I'm not a huge fan of florals and I love the traditional Guerlainade.I read somewhere that Idylle was largely ignored when it first came out. Unfortunately this is major scrubber territory on my skin. It's gorgeous, I just wish it was slightly more complex. Just like in Cu E, you will feel a rose-muguet combo along all its stages. Idylle just didn't seem to align with my personal tastes. The florals are certainly powerful, but not overly synthetic or cloying.This is a scent of moderate sillage and great longevity, that posseses a secret power: it can really create a romantic atmoshphere, as its title suggests.By this I mean that this scent does not boast its presence seeming harmless.However, as I have already pointed out, there exists a subtle hidden magic that predisposes the people around.This is not a perfume of dynamic, but it surely is a perfume that plays with the unconscious tendencies of the recipient.

This is how Wasser describes this beautiful floral perfume: "It started with a rose.The rose was a blend of Bulgarian roses, the 2008 harvest being fruity, with overtones of raspberry and litchee.To this blend was added the Plessis Robinson rose, created by Jean-Paul Guerlain out of love for the past – an old rose with fruity accents and a pungent fragrance.Like I said, it's very versatile, and it is really noble to my nose... Jasmine here is GORGEOUSLY placed in the middle notes...

Together with Bulgari Jasmin Noir this is a perfume that shows how beautiful a Jasmine note can be...

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