Internet dating and divorce

10-Sep-2017 06:03

You want a partner, not a waste of time or a weekend adventure, so your focus should be on vetting out all those except the women you really think you could have a good go with.The best way to do this is just to be honest and ask difficult questions.

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So, here are two little lists (in no way complete) I came up with to give you some clear ideas on how to approach your next conversation with a potentially interested party, keeping in mind the agendas of casual dating vs. – Remain mysterious While you don’t need to be so secretive as to seem suspicious, there is also no reason in a dating scenario to bother her with your life story. Keep the focus on her, but…– Don’t ask too many questions Of course, ask questions about her. Save the messy stuff for later talks if you find you’re getting serious.

Offer a few ideas and an alternative time, “Would you like to go feed ducks at the park, or maybe meet for a cup of coffee?

I’m free tomorrow, or if that’s too soon, how about Thursday afternoon?

If she says anything along the lines of “Just surprise me!

”, which most will, that’s your invitation to make all the right moves.– Be open minded / Go with no expectations When dating, the key word here is; Fun.

Having fun means being open to whatever happens, and seeking intentionally to do things that are silly, irreverent and able to bring out the kid in ourselves. After all, we’re likely going to know in the first five seconds whether we have a chance of anything progressing beyond the date, regardless of the date itself.

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