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He broke into the game industry as a copywriter with a question: "What RPG would Steven Spielberg create?" From that question, coupled with his perseverance to bring his visi...Running from today, January 11, until January 14, all currently subscribed Live Gold members will be able to download and en...While Player Unknown's Battlegrounds did manage to release in 2017, the game didn't suddenly shed all of its problems.It's coming to PS4 and Xbox One (with Pro and X enhancements) on March 20. A sexy dress designed to make it clear it's to be worn for Christmas time.

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The game was first announced with a teaser site back in August of... (Thankfully, I'm still glowing from today's news so I'm not too bothered.) Bandai Namco is putting together a Dark ...

Upon release day last month, there was a problem with the BP (or battle points) system for the game's reward crates. For nearly a decade, Border Break has been a staple of Japanese arcades. 10 team battle game, players are able to create and customise their own units by picking specific classes of mecha they will use as well as unlock...